Dena Derose

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  August 2018
  August 27 - 30Copenhagen with V&M Music FestivalCopenhagen, Denmark
  September 2018
  September 7 - 9JazzVox Series - DUO with Tina May!Seattle area
  September 12WJMAC Concert DDR in (trio)The Sylvia Center for the Arts, 205 Prospect St, Bellingham, Washington
  September 14 - 15The North Coast Brewery's Sequoia Room with Peter Barshay and Akira Tana!Fort Bragg, CA
  September 21Atomic Tom's with Neal Smith (NYC) and Paul Beaudry (NYC)Binghamton, NY
  October 2018
  October 27 - 4Workshops and Concerts in Sofia, BulgariaSofia, Bulgaria
  October 19 - 20Vocal Worshops in Lecce, Italy 19/20Lecce Conservatoire of Music
  November 2018
  November 16 - 172 nights in Rotterdam, Holland with Joris Teepe (bs), Dmitri Baevsky (sax), and Hans Braber (drm)Gentleman's Club
  November 28with Maaike Den Dunnen & "Inner Space" (CD) presentation Kultur Forum, Villach, Austria
  November 29with Maaike Den DunnenReigen, Austria
  November 30Royal Garden with Maaike Den DunnenGraz, Austria
  December 2018
  December 1with Maaike Den DunnenKlagenfurt, Austria
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